Restaurant Awnings

Let your awnings work for your restaurant

Outdoor Awnings are a great addition to any establishment, but this is especially true for pubs and bars. Overall an awning adds a touch of professionalism to any space. It can be utilised to advertise the business as well as set it apart from those around it.  An awning that is well made and positioned can add a number rewarding factors to an otherwise dull building.

The benefits of having an awning for your restaurant

An awning is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building. It is typically composed of canvas woven of acrylic, cotton or polyester yarn, or vinyl laminated to polyester fabric that is stretched tightly over a lightweight frame of aluminium or steel. These can be made custom to colour and style of awning to suit windows, doors or patio areas.
With foot fall ever becoming harder to attract, shop windows are now secondary to whetting the traditional appetite of the consumer and now the attraction lies with how your restaurant or bar suits the individual. Bringing in ways to allow consumers to use your dining environment all year round is something some food retails do not pay much attention to.

Outdoor Patio Awnings
In the summer, an awning can provide shade or protection from the sun. On days when the weather isn’t so kind, it can protect your patrons from wet weather. However, because glass acts as an insulator, adding the addition of window awnings means the sun is shaded allowing the temperature of the building to stay cooler, allowing your customers to stay shaded without the use of dark blinds. Awnings also prevent carpets and furniture from fading due to sunlight.

Since 2004, the smoking ban prohibited any building or public space from allowing cigarettes and cigars to be lit inside. The patio awning has helped many bar or restaurant establishments find a way of retaining their customers whilst allowing them smoke using outdoor spaces all year round.

Awning Advertising
With so many bars and restaurant establishments in one area, you may sometimes feel you want to achieve a competitor edge from other establishments. Awnings have always been a great corporate advertising tool and will help to improve your business from a visual outset. Your restaurant or pub awning can be customised to print with any branding design or colour.

Where can awnings be attached to?

Awnings can serve above a window, a door or any brick structure. Due to the weight of the awning, by health and safety guidelines an erected awning should be secured safely, which should only be installed by qualified and trained blind engineers.


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