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Window and door awnings for coffee shops

Most people enjoy a great cup of coffee.  They also enjoy being outdoors.  Your business is in the perfect position to offer both of these things to your customers.  But today’s outdoor spaces need to be more functional than in the past.  People may want to read their Kindle or browse the Web on their tablet while sitting outdoors drinking your rich brew.  That can be difficult in bright sunlight.  And on rainy days, no one would dare take advantage of the great outdoor space you have toiled to create.  But, add a window or door awning to that outdoor space and you have the most comfortable place on the block to sit and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Refining the personality of your business

Coverlite has several awning styles from which to choose.  They will manufacture your store front awning to your specifications.  Your awning will reveal your business’ personality perfectly.  Remember the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?”  The problem is that people still do that, regardless of the saying.  People walking by will judge your business based on how it looks from the outside.  That, after all, is their first impression.  You know how important first impressions can be, and you know that is the case even more so for your business.  If the façade of your building does not attract customers, you will have very little chance that they will ever see the interior of your perfectly accents shop, let alone do you have the chance to sell them your wonderful products.  The face of your business is the first impression of every person that walks or drives by.

Think of how great your business will look with a custom awning adorning the front of your coffee shop.  And Coverlite awnings are made by master craftsmen with many years of experience.  Not only that, but each Coverlite awning is crafted strictly to BBSA standards.  You will see the high quality standards in all of the work Coverlite does.  This family-run business has been around since 1863.  Coverlite has stood the test of time due through dedication to quality craftsmanship that customers can see and feel.

Different styles and sizes available

Whether you’re looking for a large awning to run the whole length of your coffee shop, or just a small awning over a table or two in a sitting area, Coverlite will create exactly the awning for which you are looking.  No job is too big or too small.  These attractive awnings will add another level of appeal to your coffee shop.

You may even find that you use less energy to cool your building in the heat of the day.  Coverlite awnings not only look great, but they can provide some insulation from the sun’s hottest rays in the midday.  Think of it as closing your blinds at home to keep the hot sun out.  An awning outside of your business will have the same effect.  By keeping the direct sun off of a portion of your business, you may see a decrease in energy costs used in cooling your shop.  This creates a double benefit.  You can save money and attract more customers to your coffee shop at the same time!

Customers first!

Your customers can enjoy the great outdoors, rain or shine, under your new awning.  It will create a great place to sit and read, surf the Web, or complete some work outside of the office.  A comfortable seating area under and awning will serve as a respite to a hectic day for business clientele while offering a relaxing, airy stop for the leisure guest at the same time.

You can even get a free quote from Coverlite for your coffee shop.  Talk to our experts and we can help you design the perfect awning to complete the look of your business.  You can set the tone for every customer with these high quality, attractive additions to your shop.  With so many years of experience, Coverlite can help you get the perfect look and create the perfect outdoor space for your customers.

Truly, you have little to lose.  Contact Coverlite today for a free quote or even some assistance in choosing the exact awning to meet your needs and give your shop the look you want.  You may find you have much to gain.

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